Dr. D.D. Palmer, founder
of modern chiropractic science,
defined the three basic causes
of disease as mechanical injury,
nutritional imbalance, and
mental and emotional stress.

Photograph Courtesy Palmer College of Chiropractic Archives, Davenport, Iowa.

The Pythagorean Center for Natural Healing is a natural health clinic devoted to working in harmony with natural laws in order to maintain and promote well-being.

The philosophy of natural healing is that, given the right environment, the body has the capacity to heal itself. In India the healing force is called "prana," in China it is called "chi," and in America it is called "vital force" or "innate force." This healing energy embodies the self-healing capacity of each human being, but it works most effectively when stressors have been removed and the mind-body has been harmonized.

Thomas Edison, one of the geniuses of this century, said,

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame and the cause and prevention of disease."

D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic science, gave form to this thinking when he defined the three basic causes of disease as mechanical injury, nutritional imbalance, and mental and emotional stress.

Modern chiropractic calls these three essential factors the "Triad of Health." That is, the state of a person's physical structure, dietary choices and emotional stress levels form a pyramid which becomes the foundation for personal well-being. By this reckoning, restoring structural balance, correcting dietary and digestive imbalances, and reducing emotional stressors can be seen as the basic building blocks of good health through which the mind-body harmonizes and self-healing is awakened.

"Health is the proper relationship between the microcosm, which is man, and the macrocosm, which is the universe. Disease is a disruption of this relationship."
Dr. Yeshi Donden, physician to the Dalai Lama

The treatment procedures employed at the Pythagorean Center in restoring mind-body harmony are natural, non-toxic, and oriented towards patient involvement in self-healing:


The chiropractic manipulations employed are gentle and non-forceful techniques that balance the muscles and the spine and reduce the effects of strain in the body, thereby allowing the body's own self-healing mechanisms to engage. (See "Logan Basic Chiropractic Technique" for additional information.)


Dietary intervention is based on homeopathic and herbal supplements along with individualized nutritional advice through which the patients can significantly accelerate and influence their self-healing. (See "Nutritional Healing" for further information.)


Various stress-reduction methods are employed to assist the patient in reducing the accumulated stresses of daily living. Hatha Yoga and Polarity Yoga are taught to interested individuals and greatly assist in the relief of physical and mental fatigue. (See "Stress Syndrome and the Adaptive Response" for an understanding of the relationship between stress and wellness.)

The activation of this healing response is a co-responsibility of doctor and patient and can be compared tellingly to the structure and function of a two-wheeled bicycle. One wheel represents the skill and guidance of the doctor. The other wheel, just as essential to the successful functioning of the enterprise, stands for the necessary lifestyle changes many patients must choose to make in order to promote mind-body harmony and self-healing.

Once a patient joins in the process of his or her own self-healing, all health issues, whether they are large or small, chronic, or carry a scientific "big label," cease to be seen as "problems" that must be fixed, and become instead "projects" to be pursued on the road to health. Along the way, good health and well-being become an exciting journey in self-discovery.

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