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Many people wonder what is the mechanism in the human body that co-ordinates our daily physiology and also heals illnesses and injuries. A simple finger cut, for example, goes through many stages of tissue healing. How does the body know what type of connective tissue to lay down and when the scar is ready to fall off? There must be an invisible force for healing that cannot be seen with the eyes that both runs the body and heals it. Where is this hidden helper, what is it, and how can we access it for our benefit?

The ancient Greek physicians believed that an energetic matrix surrounds the physical body. This energy body was thought to be the blueprint or prototype that existed before the manifestation of the physical form. These physicians further believed that this prototype continues to exist in its perfect state even as the mortal body experiences health defects over the course of a lifetime. This template, similar to an architect's drawings of a building, is an exact replica of the body. The ancients felt that, with appropriate stimulation, this energetic matrix could be induced to reassert its original "plan" for the body it surrounded and, thus, physical healing could be achieved.


A Memory of Health

In support of an invisible vitalistic body, it is widely known that a person who has had a leg amputation often experiences sensations in that missing extremity for many years. The question remains, is this the brain's memory of the missing leg or could it be a manifestation of an energetic matrix that always retains the memory of its original body-mind integrity?

For practical purposes, it does not matter if the memory of wholeness is stored in the brain or the energy body. What is important is that there is some subtle force that we all carry within us that possesses a memory of health, both physically and mentally.

Current scientific research (utilizing a machine called the "SQUIDD") has demonstrated that there are several energetic fields in the body, vibrating at different frequencies. This combined energy field surrounds and envelops us. Magnetic in nature, it manifests negative, positive, and neutral charges. The body is, in fact, like a magnet or battery, and, in the same way that a car's battery must be charged to run, the body-magnet, if not charged, will not run well.


A Universal Force

Physicists have shown that there is no deficiency of energy in the universe. It can be assumed, therefore, that this endless stream of energy is always available to the energetic healing field of the body. Health challenges manifest when various blockages occur within the magnetic and physical bodies that prevent the free-flowing movement of this river of energy.

Manly Hall expresses this clearly when he notes:

"It is not the failure of energy, but the failure of the structure to accept energy, and this failure comes when the vibratory polarity of the structure is lowered, so that it is no longer in sympathetic relationship to its magnetic field."

The obstruction to the free-flow of this universal force is caused by the loss of proper charge to the body-magnet. The cause may be physical, emotional, or nutritional in origin, but the end result is a dead battery. For healing to begin, the body-battery must be re-polarized and re-charged. Then the physical body will be again receptive to the rejuvenating effects of the magnetic field that both surrounds and nourishes it.


Body Magnetism and Polarization

This lost art of ancient healing might be called "manipulative polarization." The ancient arts of Acupuncture and Ayurveda were aware of this field of healing energy, and their therapies worked from the perfect blueprint to the body-mind rather than vice versa. They believed that health projects are effects, the cause of which comes from unseen and subtle forces.

Chiropractic, although currently perceived as a mechanical art, traditionally addressed these more subtle aspects of healing. D.D. Palmer, founder of chiropractic, remarked:

"Magnetism is of man, the highest of creation, and is healing and life-giving, imparting vital and nerve force .... Magnetism equalizes the life forces, giving life, strength, and rest, bringing both harmony and health."

Because this organizing force for health is unseen, it is difficult to know the condition and energy level of each person's magnetic field. Herein lies the reason why the response to natural treatments can vary from person to person. To employ a familiar metaphor, some glasses are nearly full of the restorative magnetic forces and other glasses are closer to empty. But glasses can be re-filled for all of us, although the replenishment time can vary. When the glass has been re-filled, the restorative magnetic energies circulate freely through our bodies, and the self-correcting mechanisms take charge again.

It is enormously re-assuring to remember that the healing field is more intelligent than we are. It knows better than we do how to heal a cut or even the most serious of illnesses. It is always moving us to health physically and emotionally, irrespective of the seriousness of the condition. Its memory is one of wholeness, and, when it perceives an imbalance, it simply moves to restore well-being, our rightful inheritance.

We can assist the Healing Intelligence in its workings by utilizing natural therapies that work with body-mind in a balanced manner. We need to gently nudge the Innate Healer into action as if we are quietly knocking on a door. Rather than over-stimulating or inhibiting therapeutically, we must seek to simply harmonize ourselves with the most non-invasive methods.

In this regard, Dr. Randolph Stone, D.C., D.O. advised in this manner:

"All true and natural healing is done by polarization. Merely adjusting one area does not establish polarity balance. It mainly stimulates or inhibits."

If we follow the middle ground by creating balance, we do not over-ride the body's inborn wisdom, and we awaken the sleeping giant within which automatically directs our healing.

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Body-Mind Harmony

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