Vol. 7

No. 2


Since ancient times there have been many seekers of Nature's secret laws of healing. One such doctor was Randolph Stone, DO., DC., who explored the world in hopes of determining the common denominator of all healing systems.

He concluded that there is an unseen field of electro-magnetic energy that both runs and heals the body. Dr. Stone organized his discoveries into a method he called Polarity Therapy of which he summarized:

"Energy is the real substance behind matter and forms. All true and natural healing is done by polarization. Merely adjusting (stimulating) one area does not establish polarity balance."

We know that the electricity that runs our appliances and practically everything in our lives has both positive and negative charges. This same phenomenon can be observed in many other manifestations such as the simple bar magnet or the automobile battery. Is it possible that an identical process occurs within the human body?


George Crile, M.D., author of "The Bipolar Theory of Living Processes," believed that life is created by a radiant energy which manifests "radio-electricity." Dr. Crile discovered in his laboratory that the brain had an inherent positive charge and the liver a negative charge. These findings are quite similar to the current scientific discoveries of millions of microscopic magnets within the human brain by the SQUID, a magnetic detector machine at Stanford University.

Chinese medicine is based on the theory of Yin and Yang. This energy principle, which exists both in nature and in humankind, is the basis of Chinese acupuncture and herbology. The Chi or Vital Force circulates throughout the meridians or channels of the body like two separate magnets depositing their respective polarities throughout the entire body. These rivers of charged energy nourish, maintain, and heal the body by giving it polarized currents of "radio-electricity."

This unusual concept was also addressed by Max Gerson, M.D., who was well-known for nutritional approaches to chronic degenerative disease. Although quite successful in his own field, Gerson appeared to be seeking something deeper when he wrote the following:

"I am convinced that the problem of chronic disease is not one of biochemistry or the symptoms we observe in the body; rather, it is produced by deeper forces which cause the deficiencies of energies. Physicians observe biological symptoms and work only with them. The real acting force behind the visible chemical changes are physical energies expressed by Dr. Albert Einstein as the electro-magnetic fields. It is the electrical forces which hold matter together. If the electrical forces become disorganized, matter will disintegrate. Disease is the result of disorganized electrical forces. Health results in the organization of electrical forces; therefore, we must discover how to organize these forces."



The body, then, is akin to a magnet, with strong positive and negative poles, creating a battery-effect which allows the electrical forces to move within us. When the battery runs down, energies do not move. The stagnation of life-giving bio-electricity produces the symptoms we call disease. If the automobile battery is dead, filling up the gas tank will not start the car. Similarly, Dr. Gerson is telling us that nutrition may not heal us if it does not also address the organizing field within us. We must re-charge or re-polarize the body-battery so we can assimilate foods and discharge wastes.

The invisible power which Dr. Stone called "the wireless anatomy of man" is always helping us to stay in balance. Those healing systems that recognize and work with these energies often achieve more permanent results. Each healing arts practitioner will apply these principles differently in individual practices. What is essential is a recognition that Nature has placed within us a powerful tool which is always available for health promotion.

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Home Care Suggestions

1. Slant Board Exercises

2. Periodic Intestinal Cleansing

3. Enzymatic Digestive Support

4. Castor Oil Packs

5. Range of Motion Exercises

6. Read: "Facial Diagnosis." Michio Kushi

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