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There has been a startling increase in respiratory disease across the world in recent years. Bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis and other upper respiratory illnesses have doubled and tripled. Sinusitis, by itself, has replaced the common cold as the number one respiratory ailment.

Chronic sinusitis flare-ups can come and go several times yearly and can cause the sufferer headaches, head pressures and noises, dizziness, fatigue, foul breath, post-nasal drip, poor sleep, low grade fever, sore throat, chronic cough, and some eye disorders.

Sound familiar? It might help to know a little more about this stubborn ailment to discover some natural options for relief.

The sinuses are air-filled cavities inside the skull and are connected with the nose through small passageways lined with mucous-like tissues. These tissues filter out foreign materials like bacteria and dust to protect the throat and lungs from infection

The acute form of this infection is frequently bacterial and usually treated with antibiotics. However, millions of people suffer from the chronic form of this condition (as described above) called either "viral sinusitis" or "allergic sinusitis" for which there is little medical treatment. There are, however, some natural therapies that may help relieve suffering.

To take a look at one of these, we have to go to a root cause of the condition, which isn't necessarily in the sinuses themselves.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has called chronic sinusitis "gall bladder heat rising to the head," in the belief that digestive disorders contribute to this condition. The inability to properly digest food creates a residue of foreign proteins in the body that can overwhelm the small intestine with toxins. This sets up a condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome in which the body, always working to establish harmony, tries to eliminate the toxins via other channels to take pressure off the struggling intestinal tract.

Among these channels are the mucous membranes of the sinuses which start secreting more mucous in an attempt to eliminate toxins from the overburdened abdomen. Thus, an increase in sinusrelated symptoms can be, in effect, an attempt by the digestive system to discharge poisons and to self-heal. However, as this is not the primary role of the sinuses, mucous inflammation ("gall bladder heat'') builds up inside the head and cannot be eliminated, causing pain and other symptoms. Food allergies will also overload the digestive tract. An inability to break down certain foods (such as wheat or dairy) causes chronic small intestinal inflammation which may spread to the head areas. The same applies to large amounts or overly rich food.

Whether malabsorption, food allergies or overconsumption, the best natural solution for digestive-based sinus reactions is the same: a change in diet, the introduction of digestive enzymatic support and detoxification.

In addition to digestive remedies, other natural approaches to relieving sinusitis symptoms are available. Among these, a clean environment will help reduce the effect of external toxins that contribute to allergic reactions. An improvement in air filtering systems at home and work is essential as well as the removal of mold from carpets, floors, vents and walls.

Chemically-based perfumes and cosmetics should also be removed. One daily regimen helpful both for treatment and prevention of sinusitis is the use of the Neti Pot to cleanse the sinuses of excess mucous. The pot, which Looks Like a small Alladin's Lamp and derives from traditional yoga, is filled with a cool salt solution which is poured directly into the nose.

It may sound daunting, but it has been proven highly effective. Dr. Randolph Stone, a pioneer in the natural healing work known as Polarity Therapy, developed the exercise below to relieve sinus congestion which can be easily performed daily.

  1. Lie face down on the carpet and separate the knees at Least 12 inches
  2. Bend the knees to right angles to the floor.
  3. Criss-cross the Lower legs like scissors from right to left and Left to right, making sure the legs cross.
  4. Perform this exercise 5-10 minutes daily or as needed.

Hopefully, this brief introduction to some of the causes and remedies for sinusitis has been helpful in suggesting that a natural approach to treatment can be sought to bring relief.

For more information on Leaky Gut Syndrome, please go to our website and access the archived newsletter entitled "Natural Immunity." Dr, Friedman uses gentle neurological and muscle relaxation methods to promote self-healing. Please visit our website at www.FriedmanChiro.com


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